Juniors Barber Shop | Juniors Barber Shop Alton
Come visit the new Juniors Barber Shop Alton location. We are excited to bring Juniors Alton to this great new community, stop in and say hi today.
Juniors Alton, Juniors Barber Shop Alton
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Juniors Barber Shop & Co. – Alton

5320 Donald Ross Rd, Suite #115

Palm Beach Gardens, FL  33418


Junior - Owner

Art was always my favorite subject in school, never could find something to apply it to, that is until I found the world of cutting hair. I was also able to apply it to the shop design, from top to bottom, but it flows when its your personality.

Reinier Barber Juniors Alton
Reinier - Barber
Sara - Barber
Steve Barber Juniors Alton
Steve - Barber
Brooke - Barber
Darwin - Barber
Jess - Front Desk / Manager